Cave of Swimmers Tour Dates

We’ll be updating this page as we book our shows, so check back often! Follow us on Facebook/Twitter to keep yourselves posted.



January 30th @ The Cave, Miami, FL

February 26th @ The Bends, St. Petersburg, FL

February 27th @ The Atlantic, Gainesville, FL

February 29th @ Springwater, Nashville, TN

March 1st @ Hi-Tone, Memphis, TN

March 2nd @ Soundpony, Tulsa, OK

March 4th @ Caves Lounge, Arlington, TX

March 6th @ Supper Happy Fun Land, Houston, TX

March 7th @ Hi Tones, San Antonio, TX

March 26th @ The Cave, Miami, FL

July 7th @ Uncle Lou’s, Orlando, FL

July 8th @ The Loft, St. Pete, FL

July 9th @ Kelly’s Live, Sarasota, FL

July 16th @ The Poorhouse, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

July 22nd @ Siberia, New Orleans, LA

July 23rd @ The Highlander, Atlanta, GA

July 24th @ Murphy’s, Memphis, TN

July 25th @ Foobar, Nashville, TN

July 26th @ Test Pattern, Winston-Salem, NC

July 28th @ The Sidebar, Baltimore, MD

July 29th @ Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA

July 31st @ Koto, Salem, MA

August 1st @ Sunnyvale, New York, NY

August 2nd @ 25 Watt, Richmond, VA

August 3rd @ The Cave, Chapel Hill, NC

August 5th @ House Show, Jacksonville, FL

August 6th @ The Atlantic, Gainesville, FL

August 11th @ Kreepy Tiki, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

August 26th @ Psycho Las Vegas, NV

August 29th @ Yucca Taproom, Tempe, AZ

August 30th@ The Sandbox, El Paso, TX

August 31st @ The Armory, Albuquerque, NM

September 1st @ Flycatcher, Tucson, AZ

September 2nd @ The Bancroft, Spring Valley, CA

September 4th @ Johnny V’s, San Jose, CA

September 5th @ Five Star Bar, Los Angeles, CA

September 16th @ Kreepy Tiki, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

September 17th @ The Granary, Miami, FL


May 16th @ Hourglass Brewery, Orlando, FL w/ the Killing Hours

May 8th @ Churchill’s Miami, Album Release

March 14th @ Cabanna Inn, Sarasota, FL

July 31st @ The Nine 10, St. Petersburg, FL

August 1st @ The Atlantic, Gainesville, FL

August 3rd @ Wall Street, Murfreesboro, TN

August 4th @ The Cave, Chapel Hill, NC

August 5th @ The Maywood, Raleigh, NC

August 6th @ The Sidebar, Baltimore, MD

August 7th @ Bloody Pit of Horror, Philadelphia, PA

August 8th @ O’Briens Pub, Boston, MA

August 9th @ Mercury Lounge, New York, NY

August 10th @ Joe’s Record Paradise, Silver Spring, MD

August 12th @ Winston-Salem, NC

August 13th @ The Garage, Winston-Salem, NC

August 14th @ Shantytown, Jacksonville, Fl

August 15th @ Cabana Inn, Sarasota, FL

August 18th @ Churchill’s, Miami, FL

September 3rd @ New World Brewery, Tampa, FL

October 24th @ Kreepy Tiki, Ft Lauderdale, FL


Feb 21 Churchill’s Miami, FL w/ JUCIFER, Holly Hunt, Sperm (Buffalo),

Feb 28 St Pete, FL @ Fubar w/Rounheels

Feb 29 Columbia, SC @ Queen Punx House

March 4th @ Grandbar, Chicago, IL

March 5th Murfreesboro, TN @ Eisenhouser w/ Sovereign

March 6th Greensboro, NC @ Hippo Records w/ Sun Cult

March 8th Greensboro, NC @ NY Pizza

March 9th Orlando @ Uncle Lou’s w/ East of the Wall

April 12 @ Cesspool Miami

April 26 @ Cabana Inn Sarasota

June 27th @ Fubar, St Pete, FL

June 30th @ Eisenhouser, Murfreesboro, TN

July 1st @ The Grotto, Boone, TN

July 2nd @ Nice Price Books, Raleigh, NC

July 3rd @ Club K, Baltimore

July 4th @ Bloody Pit of Horror, Philadelphia, PA

July 5th @ Boston, MA

July 6th, @ Lit Lounge, NYC

July 7th @ Gallery 5, Richmond, VA

July 9th @ Hippo Records, Greensboro, NC

July 10th @ Foxfield Bar and Grill, Columbia, SC

July 11th @ Raindogs, Jacksonville, FL

July 12th @ Cabana Inn, Sarasota, FL w/ Stones of Madness

Sep 27th @ Cabana Inn, Sarasota, FL

Nov 15th @ State Theatre, St Pete, FL w/ WEEDEATER

Nov 22nd @ The Cave, Miami, w/Smut, Wrong


Jan 26th @ Club EVE, Miami w/ The Killing Hours, Flesh And Stone, MOIRAE

Feb 6th @ Churchill’s, Miami, FL International Noise Conference

Feb 9th @ Churchill’s, Miami, FL International Noise Conference

Feb 15th@ Lester’s, Miami, FL w/ Testokra, Astrokatz, Ghetto Gestapo

Feb 22nd Speak Easy Lounge, Lake Worth, FL w/ Holly Hunt, Amplifier Orgy

March 8th @ Astrokatz House, Miami w Jelly fish Bros.

March 9th @ Speak Easy Lounge, Lake Worth w/ Suns, Shroud Eater

March 15th @ Lester’s, Miami.w/ Casual Creatures, Llamabeats

March 16th @ Churchill’s, Miami, w/ Homestretch, Ironside

March 23rd @ Cabanna Inn, Sarasota. w/ Rexxx Parlor, SET AND SETTING

March 30th @ Cinema O, Wynwood,FL w/Dim Past, Shitstorm,

April 20th @ Churchill’s, Miami, FL w/Holly Hunt, Nunhex, Testokra,

May 11th @ Speak Easy Lounge, Lake Worth, FL w/The Killing Hours,

June 8th @ Churchill’s, Miami, FL w/ Orbweaver, ORDER OF THE OWL

Aug 2nd @ Churchill’s, Miami, FL Orbweaver, HOLLOW LEG

Aug 5th SBAC house, Miami w/ seraphim, tetragramathon

Aug 10th Will’s Pub, Orlando, FL w/Hivelords (PH), Sadgiqacea (PH

Oct 5th Emerald Bar, St Pete, FL Don’t Stop St Pete festival

Oct 10th @ Churchill’s, Miami, FL w/Pagan, Nunhex

Oct 11th @ Cabana Inn, Sarasota, FL

Nov 7 @ Churchill’s, Miami, FL w/ Dysrhythmia (NY), Zevious (NY),

Nov 15 @Speak Easy Lake Worth, FL Ancient Albatross, Amplifier Orgy

Nov 21 @ LAB Miami for Gutter Films w Dividends

December 26 @ 305 fest, Churchill’s, Miami, FL


Jan 27th @ Churchill’s, Miami, FL w/ Warrick

April 13th @ The Cave, Miami, FL w/ Orbweaver, Slashpine.

June 22nd @ Churchill’s, Miami, FL w/ Warrick, Brewsex, Flesh And Stone

June 30th @ Churchill’s, Miami, FL w/ ShroudEater, Holly Hunt, LOZEN

July 20th @ Sweat Records, Miami, FL w/Kenny Millions, Rat Bastard

August 12th @ Churchill’s, Miami, FL w/ Neolythyc, Lions Of The South,

September 6th @ Churchill’s, Miami, FL w/ Hoffa HQ, Cardiel (Mexico)

Oct 23rd @ Churchill’s, Miami, FL w/ Boyls And Goyles, Dyslexic Postcards

Nov 1st @ Churchill’s, Miami, FL w/ MORTALS (NYC), Shroud Eater

Dec 14th Churchill’s, Miami, FL w/ TORCHE, Holly Hunt, Post Teens

Dec 29th @ Solid Sound Studios, Pompano, FL w/ Last, Dim Past