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As musicians, COS are top-notch, naturally gifted players… As a band, they could go toe to toe with any of the decent up & coming bands that are currently performing live @ popular European festivals. As a collection of sounds and songs in the heavy vein, orchestrated & performed by two people (live or in studio); Cave of Swimmers are truly unique in their creativity & execution, and… Their name can now be shouted & screamed in the same breath as Royal Blood & Deap Vally!! Cave of Swimmers warrant a new sound classification… if there is to be one; PROAGGRESSIVE MUSIC!!

– Jason Newsted

What would happen if the Melvins formed a band with Pentagram? Or if Black Sabbath covered Rush songs? It would probably sound something like [Cave of Swimmers]…Definitely not for straight laced riff rockers, this band is adventurous and weird in the best way.

– Broward, Palm Beach New Times

Best Unknown Band Miami 2014

– Best of 2014, Miami New Times

…you seriously need to know about Miami duo… [Cave of Swimmers]… Wild, experimental, even occasionally outlandish, they’re anything but the typical metal experience. With dazzling guitar virtuosity and daringly splashy Latin flair, they’re something like a more metal-minded Mars Volta. It’s a funky, refreshingly irreverent take on heavy music that, live, feels very much like bold new ground.

-Bao-Le Huu, Orlando Weekly

…trust me you ain’t heard nothing like Cave of Swimmers… You can’t deny the huge ideas with every single riff.

-The Sludgelord Blogspot

Cave of Swimmers are truly a progressive band, their sound progresses for miles just through these four tracks. With an old school NWOBHM slant to their atmospheric doom rock combination you never know where the band are likely to lead you too next! – 8/10

-Luke Hayhurst, Destructive Music

…a masterful and rapturous debut by a band with all the potential to make major strides and deposits in the world of metal. Make a note of the name Cave of Swimmers you will be hearing a great deal more of these guys we suspect. -10/10

-The Ringmaster Review


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